ScolibraceResearch supported by evidence suggests that using specialized scoliosis bracing can effectively help scoliosis without surgery. 

Scolibrace can be used for juveniles, adolescents and adults, with better outcomes observed with longer daily wear. Dr. Sarah Pace is a certified ScoliBrace provider, helping those in the upstate New York area. 

Scolibrace offers an over-corrective approach, guiding the body into a posture opposite to the scoliosis curvature. This method can reduce curves, enhance appearance, alleviate pain.

Considering scoliosis's three-dimensional nature, treatments like ScoliBrace employ 3D scanning and custom design for optimal fit and effectiveness. Patient-friendly features include front-opening for easy wear/removal and discreteness under clothing, with various customization options to personalize the look of your brace. 

  • Reduce scoliosis curves in infantile, juvenile and adolescent idiopathic cases 
  • Improve cosmetics with reduced rib humping 
  • Improve posture with more level shoulders, and more symmetrical waist 
  • Reduce pain 

Scolibrace are custom made to the individual utilizing 3D full body scanning technology, x-rays and posture photographs. 

Each brace is custom designed for the individual with Computer Aided Design (CAD) and then created with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). 


Our approach: 

  • 3D body scan with BraceScan 
  • Design and creation of your ScoliBrace
  • Brace fitting 
  • Regular reviews to monitor progress 
  • Ongoing care and support after brace treatment 

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