Nutritional Counseling/Supplementation

Proper nutrition is essential for optimum function of our cells. Cells are the “building blocks of life”. Without proper nutrition our cells may become sick and lead to breakdown of the body. Today’s lifestyles are fast-paced and stressful which makes eating a proper diet somewhat difficult. Most likely this leads to an increase in consumption of processed foods for convenience which have little or no nutritional value . Even when eating a balanced diet, it is difficult to consume the optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals each day due to chemical and pesticides use as well as livestock being injected with antibiotics and hormones. This is why Dr. Sarah recommends eating whole, organic foods as much as possible and/or supplementation to ensure your body is getting the proper nutrition so the body can function optimally and prevent chronic disease.

Nutritional services at PFC include:

  • One on one nutritional counseling
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Lab testing for various gastrointestinal or metabolic conditions
  • Specialized programs for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

What We Offer


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