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I heard about the office through my sister, who was already a patient at PFC. I initially came into the office due to a plethora of unexplained health issues and frequent lower back and neck pain. Since I started getting adjusted, the frequency of headaches/migraines has decreased, and I no longer have lower back pain. I would totally recommend PFC to family and friends!



I met Dr. Sarah at a University of Rochester sponsored health fair back in 2007. My back was hurting and I was in quite a bit of pain before I started coming to Pace Family Chiropractic. Since getting adjusted, the shift in my spine has improved quite a bit and I have been coming here for several years now for maintenance therapy. I would highly recommend PFC to my family and friends. 



I heard about Pace Family Chiropractic through a friend, and I started coming in beacuse of headaches and backaches. Besides a lack of headaches and backaches now, my overall wellness has improved. I am rarely sick. Of course I would recommend PFC to family and friends!


I first heard about PFC through my dear sibling who is employed here. She was adamant that it was more effective than I implied it was. (I now "stand corrected!") I started coming in due to substantial and repetitive neck and back problems which were beginning to affect daily mobility. At 30 years old, that's not good! Since I started getting adjusted, I've noticed that it's easier to move in general. The neck pain is gone, which is great. I feel faster when I move around. I feel more comfortable than I knew I could be! I have already recommended PFC to family and friends, and will continue to do so!

- John


Several years ago I was having terrible neck and back pain, chronically. The chiropractor I had been going to for many years said there was nothing more that could be done to help me. I decided to look for another chiropractor and by coincidence, I ended up at a party sitting next to Dr. Sarah and talking about my neck pain! She asked me if I knew about CBP and I said no but I couldn’t wait to try it out!
Years of chronic neck and back pain that were not getting any better after many years of treatment with another chiropractor. My neck pain was so bad that I was not able to turn my head in any direction without pain and my range of motion was severely limited. Also, I was having recurrent back spasms that were debilitating. My ability to sleep, drive, work and engage in physical activity was being affected.
I wanted my 4 children x-rayed also, as they had all had sustained head and back injuries from falls and from playing sports. 2 of my 4 children had significant loss of curves in their necks, similar to mine, that would have caused awful problems if uncorrected.
I am pain free 99% of the time and my range of motion is no longer limited at all! If I do experience an episode of neck or back pain, Dr. Sarah is able to fix the problem and my pain is short-lived. For my children, their progress in correcting their neck curves was very rapid. They do traction regularly in order to maintain the progress they have made and to keep their spines healthy and prevent future problems. My kids do home traction and they all will ask to see Dr. Sarah to get their backs fixed when they are in pain. They all have learned about spinal health and the importance of maintaining regular chiropractic visits.
I would absolutely recommend PFC to everyone I know!! Dr. Sarah has changed my life!! If I would never have found out about CBP, I would not only still be in chronic pain, I would have been doomed to it for the rest of my life. My children are on the right path to STAYING pain free and healthy for their lives, also!

- Kim


I first heard of Pace Family Chiropractic from my mom, at a Wellness Fair where she works. I came to the office because I suffered from migraines that I got almost everyday, and the only solution was sleep. When I began coming to the office I learned that I had scoliosis and vertebral subluxation in my neck. Since I began seeing Dr. Sarah my headaches are mostly gone, and my scoliosis has practically diminished. I also have better posture. Yes! I plan to continue until my subluxations have been corrected, and I will do my best to maintain my health. Everyone at PFC has been very kind and has done a wonderful job on my spine.

- Katie


I heard about PFC from a co-worker who is a family member of Dr. Sarah’s. I had daily pain in my neck and shoulders and I had occasional low back pain. I had been to a chiropractor before but I only felt temporary relief. When I went to PFC, Dr. Sarah took x-rays and showed me I had reverse curve in my neck. I was shocked to see the degeneration as I am only in my late 20′s. Dr. Sarah and the PFC staff took the time to educate me about my overall health. I have been going to PFC for almost six months and I no longer have daily pain in my neck and shoulders. I have also noticed an improvement in my sinus/allergy issues. Thank you PFC!

- Angie


A friend of mine who suffered from back pain told me about a chiropractor that she had started going to. She told me that she overheard a conversation that the doctor had with another client that was there for migraines. I found it very hard to believe that a chiropractor could get rid of migraines, but figured that I had tried everything else, so what harm could it do?I met with Dr. Sarah at PFC a year ago, and almost immediately noticed results. I went from having several migraines a month, to only having 3 in the past year, and they were not as severe as they had normally been. I finally have the quality of life that I thought was only a dream. I am so glad that I made that appointment a year ago!



I first heard of Pace Family Chiropractic when my wife and I met Dr. Sarah several years ago when she was finishing up her studies.  I came into the office because I was in a car accident back in January 2008 and had been getting treatments for my injured back. I ran into Dr. Sarah in May of that year and she noticed I was hunched over and in a lot of pain.  She asked me to come in for an exam and x-rays, stating that she could help me.  I was in her office the following week!  When I first came into the office I learned that your spine controls much of the body's function.  My life and health changed since being under chiropractic care and after four months of adjustments and traction I'm almost back to normal! I have better appreciation and understanding of my spine. I foresee myself maintaining this correction in the future. Dr. Sarah took the time to evaluate my problem and then personalized my care.  She truly cares about everyone's health and has adundant compassion for all her patients.

- Dave


I heard about PFC from a good friend who insisted I call the office for a consult. I was experiencing significant lower back pain and had tried PT, medications and pain management, all of which didn't help.  Being very active all of my life, the pain and arthritis was having a significant impact on my activities, particularly my passion for the game of golf.  Dr. Sarah shared with me that I had scoliosis and my hips were misaligned, both of which were contributing to my pain.  She has actively addressed correcting these problems with adjustments, traction and back strengthening exercises and I feel better and better every day! I would most definitely recommend PFC to others. With a super doc supported by a super staff and getting positive results, what can be better! My thanks for bringing me back to ME!! 



 I heard Dr. Sarah give a presentation at my place of employment.  I am in my mid twenties and have experienced constant migraines, digestive problems, stress and anxiety so I went in to see if chiropractic could help me.  I have seen tremendous improvement in my digestive health, reduction of headaches and migraine pain and improved energy and mood.  I would absolutely recommend PFC, it has changed my life!



 Many of my co-workers have raved about PFC.  I kept complaining to my boss about severe neck and back pain.  Since she is a patient at PFC, she brought me to one of her adjustments and I talked to Dr. Sarah about my problem.  She took x-rays and explained her concerns. Since I've been getting adjusted, there is little to no pain.  I can actually see my neck correcting on post x-rays.  My arms and hands no longer tingle, and my posture is greatly improved! Yay! PFC offers preventative and corrective care! Traction works wonders and you won't find it in many other places.  I love the ambiance at PFC and have recommended it to friends and family!




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