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Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 9:39 AM

Wednesday April 10, 2013

Today I thought I would let someone else tell you about the benefits of chiropractic. Here is a testimonial from one of my patients that I think you will find interesting, and that some of you may be able to relate to:

“I came to Dr. Sarah because I was in pain most of the time. My lower back spasmed when I walked, and I had to stop regularly to bend over and stretch so that I could keep going. I didn’t even realize it until Dr. Sarah pointed it out, but I was bent over forward at the waist. I couldn’t even stand up straight! Plus, I kind of wobbled when I walked.

“Dr. Sarah x-rayed my spine and discovered that, first of all, one of my legs was shorter than the other (hence the wobbling). She gave me a lift for my shoe, and that cleared up. She showed me that my spine looked sort of like an upside down question mark (my words, not hers) and that it curved where it shouldn’t, and was straight where it should be curving. Let’s just say, I was not the model of spinal alignment. I thought I was a lost cause, but Dr. Sarah didn’t even flinch. She said, ‘with regular adjustment and a few different tractions, we will have you out of pain and standing up straight in no time.’

“And she was right!

“But that is not the end of the story. As I started on my program, I immediately saw results. I felt great. So guess what I did. I stopped going! I figured, “I feel good, so I don’t need to finish my course of treatment.” I am writing this to tell all of you who may be thinking the same way I did, that I WAS WRONG. My pain came back, and I was in the same boat again. And I am going to admit that I stupidly did the same thing more than once. And I had the same result each time.

“Dr. Sarah knows what she is talking about when she recommends a course of treatment, so take it from one who knows. You need to LISTEN TO HER. I have two friends who actually did what she said, and they have both been pain free and living happy lives for two straight years now.

“The motto of my story: Dr. Knows Best! Listen to her and follow her advice. She IS the best!”

- Anonymous (do you really think I would give my name?)

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