Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 6:40 AM

Here’s another interesting story from a patient I thought I would share with you, and FYI, this is not the only person I have helped with this problem:

“I had a huge lump on my collar bone. My doctor told me it was a calcium deposit resulting from a fall. I couldn’t wear a necklace anymore because it didn’t hang right, and that was pretty disappointing. When Dr. Sarah saw it, she said, ‘that isn’t a calcium deposit, you must have injured your clavicle awhile back and your shoulder needs adjusting!’

“I could not believe it. I had been walking around with this giant lump that my doctor just poo-poo’ed, when there was something simple that could fix it! I was mad….and thrilled at the same time. After a series of adjustments, my collar bone is basically back to normal, and I can wear my jewelry again. Thank you Dr. Sarah!

“A word to the wise: always check with Dr. Sarah if your primary care doctor says there is nothing he or she can do for you.”

- Ruth L.


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